Ten reasons why public sector IT projects fail (and why transformation planning is a necessity)

02nd January 2018

Romy Hughes, director of Brightman discusses the 10 key reasons for project failure and argues that a comprehensive service transition strategy can help the public sector avoid these pitfalls.

Both private and public-sector organisations are under constant pressure to save money. This generally means outsourcing business services to a third party, adopting a shared service model, or embarking on an ambitious IT transformation project that will solve every problem ever encountered!

All models bring the promise of reduced costs, but they also have the potential to improve agility, resiliency and flexibility too. But managing the transition to a new service model or IT system can be a critical time which has the potential to make or break the project altogether. Unfortunately, while project failures are not unique to the public sector, it has gained particular notoriety for such high-profile failures, particularly when it comes to IT implementations.

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