In addition to our skills development programme in collaborative transformation, we also provide one-to-one mentoring support to public sector professionals responsible for making change happen through collaborative working.

Our one-to-one mentoring support is designed to help ‘changemakers’ secure the right balance between doing system leadership and being an authentic systems leader.

Through our ‘Do/Be’ approach, we integrate our executive programmes on collaborative leadership and collaborative transformation with dedicated mentoring support to leverage the programmes impact and outcomes measurably.

As a result of our mentoring support, we help develop practitioners confidence, agility and effectiveness in building trusted, collaborative relationships capable of delivering collaborative transformation.


Here is what some of our clients say...

SSA mentoring and coaching support has given me access to fresh ways of thinking to transform my service and system leadership across local partnerships"

Jane Taylor, Head of Service: Employment, Skills and Learning, Bristol City Council

For more detailed information, download our information brochure on Mentoring Support

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