Delivered by Develop Training in partnership with Shared Service Architecture, this apprenticeship levy funded 15-18 month Level 5 Operational/Departmental Manager Apprenticeship focuses on Collaborative Transformation and Shared Services Leadership.


It is an advanced programme designed to equip public sector managers and project delivery teams with the practical skills and know-how to effectively facilitate and implement collaborative transformation and shared service solutions across the public sector.

The programme combines onsite assessment with interactive and practical workshops, all wrapped around a single, employer chosen, collaboration or shared service project assignment.

It will also be supported by a series of practical collaborative working tools, templates and techniques specifically designed to accelerate the pace and scale of collaborative working ambitions.

Successful apprentices will be awarded professional recognition as CTArc™ (Collaborative Transformation Architect), and provided with a pathway to a Level 7 Postgraduate Certificate in Collaborative Transformation.

What are the benefits of the programme?

For the employer organisation

  • The programme gives confidence to organisations knowing that they are represented by effective skilled professionals in complex collaboration projects.
  • Skilled professionals will learn to avoid the typical pitfalls of collaborative working, and accelerate the scale and pace of their organisations’ collaborative transformation journey.
  • Your managers will be equipped to build collaborative advantages for their organisations and transform in-house capacities and capabilities to deliver shared services.
  • The programme will be wrapped around a Collaboration Project Assignment focused on the needs of employers.

For the partnership

  • Having managers and project leads skilled in collaborative transformation will help ensure that your organisation plays a central role in forging partnerships.
  • As a confident partner, collaborative advantage will be gained in order to shape and transform multi-agency public services.
  • Partnerships will also avoid the classic pitfalls of collaborative working as relationships, confidence and a powerful shared vision drives the partnership effectively.

For the manager

  • Develop your confidence when leading, integrating and managing teams drawn from across the partners
  • Be effective in managing multi-partner, multi-culture change programmes, and pooled financial and resource management in the context of cross-organisational working
  • Develop and enhance a repertoire of essential management and collaborative leadership skills that they can apply to real-time collaborative working environments
  • Build collaborative leadership capabilities to motivate teams and influence with confidence both within and across organisational boundaries
  • Provide an understanding of key management and collaborative leadership theories to underpin and support cross-organisational project teams to deliver the new, better, lower-cost joint ways of working
  • Get professional recognition as a CTArc™ (Collaborative Transformation Architect)

Here is a PPT based guide to help your in-house discussions. Why not gather some of your team together, put the PPT on a screen and identify which colleagues it may be suitable for?

Download your Guide to the Collaborative Transformation and Shared Service Leadership Programme  


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