What have we learned on the Notts FRS collaboration journey?

14 Feb 2018    |    Innovation and Design Mick Sharman CTPrac Vicky Brown CTArc

PLEASE DOWNLOAD THE ARTICLE FOR THE FULL VERSION (INCLUDING IMAGES) When Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service formally started its collaboration journey last September with the launch of a Collaboration Strategy,…

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Banging One’s Head On A Brick Wall

26 Jan 2018 Mark Thornton CTArc

What Would Be On Your Partnership Exit Checklist?

26 Oct 2017 Sadie Lynch SSA

Integrating Agencies to Better Serve Communities

11 Oct 2017 Andy Bigginton

Is The Commercialism Gene In The Public Sector?

6 Oct 2017 Lisa Forster CPFA, SSA

A Homeless Reduction Act Digital Collaboration

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The Journey From Collaboration To Integration

6 Oct 2017 Adrian Stockbridge

What Can Collaborative Working Learn From JESIP?

6 Oct 2017 Amanda Johnson CTArc Chief Inspector Richard Melton CTPrac

Work Streams For Your Implementation plan

6 Oct 2017 Karen Cansell SS(PRAC) Belinda Cripps CTPrac

The Tower Of Babel Reprised

6 Oct 2017 Tom Alexander SSAf

Capacity Building Across Your Community

15 Sep 2017 Dominic Macdonald-Wallace SSAf

Enterprise Architect Or Shared Service Architect?

4 Nov 2016 Rob Neil SSA B.Sc(Hons), M.Sc., FBCS,CITP Ceng, Csci

Public Sector Integration: Tipping Point Or Breaking Point?

1 Nov 2016 Manny Gatt CTArcf

Shared Revenues & Benefits: The Knowns & Unknowns

1 Nov 2016 Robin Bates SS(PRAC)

Enhancing Collaborative Working Through Games

1 Nov 2016 Magda Zurba CTPrac

Jointly ‘Turning The Curve’ In The Bristol Work Zone

1 Nov 2016 Jane Taylor

Let’s Get Emotional About Project Managers

13 Oct 2016 Andrea Kilby Bsc (Hons), PGC,SSA

People, Power & Politics in a World of Collaboration

13 Oct 2016 Collette Smith SSA

Engaging the CFOs in Shared Service Decisions

1 Oct 2016 Mark Andrew SSA

Tool: CCom3.02 Temperature Check Everyone’s Understanding – Just In Case…

1 Oct 2016 Tim Smith SS(PRAC)

Developing the New Psychological Contract

1 Oct 2016 David Mannion-Marshall CTArc

Assembling An Effective Collaborative Team

1 Oct 2016 Terry Huggins SSAf

Pushing The Boulder Up the Health Collaboration Hill

1 Oct 2016 Jackie Hewlett-Davies CTArc

The 2016 LGA Shared Services Map Analysed

1 Oct 2016 Alasdair Robertson MA, AORS, SSAf

Guide To Public-Public Shared Service Contracts

1 Oct 2016 Dominic Macdonald-Wallace SSAf

Under New Management! Welsh Council Collaboration

1 Oct 2016 Henry Pavey CTArc

Upstream Collaboration vs Mirror Collaboration

1 Oct 2016 Robert Milford CTArc, MA, PGDip, CMgr, FCMI, CFIIA, MMS

Accelerating The NHS Transformation Strategy

1 Oct 2016 Dominic Macdonald-Wallace SSAf

Creating An In-House Shared Service Toolkit

1 Oct 2016 Jisa Prasannan CTPrac Debbie Whitton SS(PRAC)

Six Tips For Successful Change In Outsourcing

1 Oct 2016 Errol Williamson CTArc

Police And Fire Reforms 2016: Merger Is Not Inevitable

1 Oct 2016 Dominic Macdonald-Wallace SSAf

NHF Housing Merger Code What Can We Learn?

1 Oct 2016 Dominic Macdonald-Wallace SSAf

Shared Services – What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

1 Oct 2016 David Edwards CTArc

It’s All About Culture And Organisational Identity

5 Nov 2015 Sadie Lynch SSA

How Do You Close Down A Shared Service?

4 Nov 2015 Rob Neil SSA B.Sc(Hons), M.Sc., FBCS,CITP Ceng, Csci

Auditing Shared Service Projects: Who Gets The Vote?

4 Nov 2015 Robert Milford CTArc, MA, PGDip, CMgr, FCMI, CFIIA, MMS

Understanding The Behavioural Reactions To Shared Services

1 Nov 2015 Mike Lea SSAf

Don’t Ignore Your Local Strategic Alliance Networks!

28 Oct 2015 Henry Pavey CTArc

Are You Willing to be a Transformational Leader?

1 Oct 2015 Errol Williamson CTArc

Piloting A New Collaborative Communications Workshop

1 Oct 2015 Tim Smith SS(PRAC)

What About Those Left Behind?

1 Oct 2015 Lisa Forster CPFA, SSA

Process Standardisation Builds New, Better, Low-Cost Services

1 Oct 2015 Tom Holmwood SSA CSF

Keeping Up With Combined Authorities

1 Oct 2015 Julie Johnson CTArc

The VAT Issues in Health and Social Care Integration

1 Oct 2015 Caroline White SSA

Devolution: It’s 75% Relationships And Only 25% About The Deal

1 Oct 2015 Terry Huggins SSAf

Understanding The Behavioural Reactions To Shared Services

1 Oct 2015 Mike Lea SSAf

Effective Communications: The Glue of Devolution

1 Oct 2015 Dominic Macdonald-Wallace SSAf

Kotter Questions His Own Transformational Processes!

1 Oct 2015 Heather Wilson BSc (Hons), MRICS, MAPM, SSA

Mid-Kent Improvement Partnership – Redesigning Customer Contact

15 May 2015 Andy Cole SSA Dave Lindsay SSA

Is Social Housing Ready To Put Aside Its Guilty Pleasure?

4 May 2015 Sharon Collins SSA

Prudent Healthcare In NHS Wales Shared Services

4 May 2015 Richard Rout SS(PRAC)

Keep Your Eye on The Needs of Combined Authorities

1 May 2015 Dominic Macdonald-Wallace SSAf

Communicating Your Collaborative Journey…

1 May 2015 Tim Smith SS(PRAC)

VAT Changes Sneak Under The Budget Radar

1 May 2015 Dominic Macdonald-Wallace SSAf

The Importance Of Trust In Public Sector Collaborations

1 May 2015 Terry Huggins SSAf

Emergency Services Collaboration, The Current Picture

1 May 2015 John Beckerleg SSA

Measuring the Benefits of Collaborative Working

1 May 2015 Jeanette Jones SSA

Staffordshire & West Midlands Fire Control

1 May 2015 Becci Bryant SSA

Are You Being Served?

1 May 2015 Shared Service Architects

Collaborative Leadership Across Social Care

1 May 2015 Manny Gatt CTArcf

Right Here – Right Now Mainstreaming Co-Production

4 Mar 2015 Colin Daysh SSA

Plan On A Page – Evaluating The Success Of The New Service

1 Jul 2014 Mark Gilmartin SSA

Getting The Lawyers Involved At The Design Stage…

1 Jul 2014 Monica Blades-Chase SS(PRAC)

Building Aeroplanes in the Sky – how do you maintain business as usual, and merge the ways of working?

1 Jul 2014 Graham Rogers SSA

The Design Stage of a New Collaboration

1 Jul 2014 Anne Nikolaou SSA

Stakeholders – Can’t Live With Them, Can’t Live Without Them

1 Jul 2014 Janey Jux SS(PRAC)

The Shared Service Pyramid

1 Jul 2014 Tom Alexander SSAf

Designing Your Success Measures For The New Service

1 Jul 2014 Jon Aldington

ACAS offer examples of the key 2014 changes to TUPE

1 Jul 2014 Dominic Macdonald-Wallace SSAf

Harnessing Collaborative Leadership Across Communities

10 Jun 2014 Chas Bradfield SSA

Havering And Newham Councils: A Case Study In Service Design

5 Jun 2014 Stephanie Sharp SSA

Building Effective Shared Services Using Story Telling

5 Jun 2014 Sue Lawson SSA

Resistance To Change Is Not Such A Bad Thing!

1 Jun 2014 Reuben Bergman SSA

Five Key Steps For The First 100 Days Of The New Service

1 Jun 2014 Robin Bates SS(PRAC)

Using Collaboration To Unlock Social Impact Bonds

1 Jun 2014 Peter Welsh SSA

Going to Market: Should Housing Share or Outsource?

1 Jan 2014 Dominic Macdonald-Wallace SSAf

Combining Different Governance Structures Into One Joint Committee

1 Jan 2014 Stephanie Sharp SSA Tony Huff SS(PRAC)

Which Is The Winner: The Tortoise Or The Hare

1 Jan 2014 Alasdair Robertson MA, AORS, SSAf

Kent Public Sector Network Governance in Practice…

1 Jan 2014 Jon Aldington

Good Collaborative Governance Is About People, Not Paperwork

1 Jan 2014 Heather Wilson BSc (Hons), MRICS, MAPM, SSA

Could community budgets save the public sector up to £20bn?

11 Apr 2013 Dominic Macdonald-Wallace SSAf

Housing Associations – are they the next generation of collaboration catalysts?

1 Apr 2013 Dominic Macdonald-Wallace SSAf

VAT cost sharing exemptions and the ‘85% directly necessary work’ test

1 Apr 2013 Dominic Macdonald-Wallace SSAf

Collaboration Incubators – A new way of building powerful partnerships

1 Apr 2013 Manny Gatt CTArcf

Shared Services Is Only One Option

1 Apr 2013 Dominic Macdonald-Wallace SSAf

Safety In Numbers: The Cost Of Sharing Professional Posts

1 Apr 2013 Alasdair Robertson MA, AORS, SSAf

The Complications Of More Than Four Partners…

1 Mar 2013 David Williams SS(PRAC)

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