What is a Collaborative Transformation Practitioner?

Collaborative Transformation Practitioners (CTPrac™) are trained individuals within organisations developing multi-agency transformations and implementing shared service solutions.

A Collaborative Transformation Practitioner (CTPrac™) has completed the three day Collaborative Transformation Practitioner programme. They have a basic understanding of collaborative working theory and practice, and are equipped with collaboration tools, templates and techniques, to be an effective member of a partnership project team.

We work with our clients’ in-house Collaborative Transformation Practitioners through skills-development sessions, high-level facilitation, mentoring and coaching, while providing the resources and know-how so that they can work beyond organisational boundaries.

Here are some of our CTPrac™ alumni, to give you a sense of who is taking up this role.

Why Become a Practitioner?

For your organisation

It gives confidence to an organisation to know that they are represented by practitioners who are skilled at building collaborative advantage for all in the partnership.

For your partnership

Having skilled collaboration practitioners on the project team, will help accelerate the scale and pace of the journey by ensuring that the collaboration will avoid the classic pitfalls experienced in so many partnerships.

For you

The CTPrac™ programme provides you with a sound grounding in collaboration theory and practice, and over 100 tried and tested tools, templates and techniques that can be used in any collaborative settings and across many sectors (local and central government, fire, police, PCC, health & social care, housing and third sector). This gives you the confidence to be successful in your role, no matter who the partners are.

For your future

Collaborative working across the public sector is set to grow rapidly over the coming years. As a CTPrac™ you can focus on this as your career path for your current, or future employers.

Our Practitioners

Daisanne Summerfield

CTArc Fellow

Surrey Police

Benjamin Huggins


Wiltshire Police

Caroline Lees


St Helens CCG

Vicky Brown


Nottinghamshire Fire & Rescue Service
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