‘People need people and people need to be needed’ – a new health and social care mantra?

05th March 2018

Public and 3rd sector services have a fighting chance – if they are more collaborative, strengths-based and focus on Relationships & Purpose says Hugh Irwin.

Public and 3rd sector services have a fighting chance of financial sustainability and at the same time improving outcomes for individuals, families and communities if they work more collaboratively in a strengths-based capacity. But what they all must do is ultimately direct that strengths-based collaboration back to addressing two universal truths and basis of a better life – Relationships & Purpose.

There is currently a lot of talk in the public and third sectors (and increasingly in the private sector in relation to management of change) about strengths-based approaches, trauma-informed approaches, early intervention and their importance to promoting better wellbeing outcomes for individuals, families and communities. There is an increasing belief that thin resources can be spread better if strengths-based approaches are used effectively.

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