Shared Service Architecture (SSA) is a dynamic facilitation and teaching company, focused on equipping politicians, board members, chief executives and senior managers in the public sector with the skills and knowledge to innovate and initiate successful shared service and collaborative transformation solutions.

We understand that transforming public services is complex, especially when it seeks to weave the fabric of many different public sector organisations in different and new ways to deliver enhanced public value within austere times. We found that the people thrust into these roles often lacked the training and support to succeed. We have a successful track record working across the public sector and have partnered with universities to develop and deliver accredited programmes in collaborative working and shared services.

Whilst our programmes are academically underpinned, we are passionately focused on working with people to deliver real world solutions to real time problems.

SSA has also developed a suite of over 200 high quality practice-based tools, for use by collaboration project leads and their teams. This is achieved through translating academic research into the teaching of practical collaboration skills and knowledge to managers, project leads
and teams across the public sector. Through our research, publications and teaching we enhance the body of knowledge and disseminate new ideas on how to successfully deliver innovative and rapid collaborations.

We are always interested in forming new partnerships with other organisations too, who are working in the shared service and collaborative transformation space. Please contact our MD, Manny Gatt if you would like to discuss a collaboration.

Collaborative Transformation

We build the capacity of individuals, organisations and partnerships to deliver public sector transformation through collaboration. Our approach is anchored around the Collaborative Transformation Route Map.
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