It’s not just Carillion. The whole privatisation myth has been exposed

24th January 2018

Across Britain, councils have been forced into costly and ineffective PFI contracts. Now many are breaking free.

The era of “private good, public bad” is drawing to a close. Unshakeable faith in Margaret Thatcher’s privatisation creed is being killed off not just by counter-ideology, but by the sheer irrationality, expense and failure of so many private contracts. Carillion’s spectacular collapse makes big headlines, but out of the spotlight local councils, under extreme stress from cuts, are cancelling contracted-out services. Why? Because it saves them money and improves services. I have been talking to councils around the country where in-sourcing is how they best cope with savage budget reductions.

Dominic note: This article comes with a bias warning as the Guardian newspaper is not a fan of public-private outsourcing, many of which have worked well, and the author Polly Toynbee has taken a negative approach in her writing. However there is learning value for us in some of the stories reported.

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