Senior Project Manager x 3

Salary: £45,994 - £48,645 Location: Stockton-on-Tees Find out more

This is an exciting opportunity to join the Combined Authority team.

With new responsibilities, we are taking a more active role in delivering large and complex projects. We are working with multiple partners, government agencies, our local council partners and the private sector to secure funding for our highest priority projects. Our devolution settlement allows us to take a long-term view, using new funding powers and strong commercial relationships.

These posts will provide a comprehensive range of project management support for the development and delivery of major projects in the Authority’s £½ billion investment programme, or on projects funded by central government where the Combined Authority is leading delivery or where Local Authorities are funding their own projects. Combined Authority Project Managers will be deployed where, with the support of our partners, we are best placed to directly take the lead in project delivery.

Typically, Combined Authority Project Managers will be accountable to a partnership board, and take personal responsibility for delivery. They will be supported as part of the wider Combined Authority team, able to draw on a wide range of expertise. By bringing together a range of individual projects, Project Managers will work flexibly across a portfolio of projects.

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