Programme Lead

Salary: £40,428 Location: Manchester Find out more

This is a complex area of work, with many interdependencies with other programmes, both internal and external, to the GM Partnership. The post-holder will be required to build effective partnerships and relationships with a wide range of key stakeholders.

As Theme 3 Programme Manager, you will support the Associate Lead to develop, plan, manage and monitor the programme’s strategy, plan and supporting activities, taking direct responsibility for discreet elements of the overarching programme. You will also be expected to work flexibly and support other organisational priorities as necessary.

This role will also work intrinsically with external consultants and you are expected to co-ordinate and manage these relationships and contracts.

The ideal candidate will bring an energetic and proactive approach to all areas of the work which will stimulate others to fully engage. You will also need to be organised and be able to prioritise tasks effectively.

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