Business Manager: Estates Transformation

Salary: £26,565 to £35,577 Location: Southampton Find out more

As a member of the estates transformation team you will be at the forefront of change management both in the Trust, with partners and within Hampshire. In this role you will support all Trust Services’ in their change programmes, including: service redesign, transformation, reconfiguring accommodation, change management, relocation of staff, Better Local Care, environmental and health & safety issues.

You will represent estate services during these projects and schemes, where it is important to work closely with other estate services staff, particularly for technical, legal, financial and other professional support eg., FM, compliance, H&S, fire safety, security and with capital, minor or maintenance issues, but you are the link between the ‘service’ and ‘estates.’

You will support tenders and new business opportunities on behalf of estate services and co-ordinate your response to the group that ensures you have collected the relevant information in order to give a professional response to the new business team and are able to advise and support both the tender process and the delivery plan.

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