What does the future hold for public sector technology?

02nd January 2018

We are increasingly driving a more digital government, using innovative technologies such as social, mobile, analytics and cloud to transform organisations and to deliver the more inclusive and efficient public services that citizens in this digital age demand. So, what will the future of public sector technology look like? Paul Tomlinson, CEO of IEG4, an enabler of digital services for the public sector, shares his views on this.

There is no doubt that the technology we have in mind for the government of the future will be something very different from what we know today. Whether or not you believe that the government lags behind the private sector now in terms of digital transformation, in a few years, a whole new bunch of digital natives or millennials will be in charge – and they are unlikely to be satisfied with public services based on current technology, which by then will be a couple of decades old.

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