1. Shared Service Architecture Ltd (SSA) provides public recognition, and qualification, for Shared Service Architects and Shared Service Practitioners, Collaborative Transformation Architects and Collaborative Transformation Practitioners working in the field of inter-organisational relationships, especially public sector collaborations and shared services.

2. SSA owns the trademarks for the names Shared Service Practitioner – SS(PRAC)™, Shared Service Architect – SSA™, Collaborative Transformation Architect – CTArc™ and Collaborative Transformation Practitioner – CTPrac™. These trademarks cannot be used without the approval of SSA.

3. SSA provides accredited teaching, facilitation and mentoring programmes that equip its Practitioners and Architects with the skills and knowledge to be successful in collaborative working.

4. SSA also provides support to their Practitioners’ and Architects’ organisations and their partnerships to achieve success in their collaboration and shared service projects, equipping them with the knowledge and the capacity to be successful.

The object of SSA is:

5. to promote the art and science of Inter-Organisational Relations especially across public sector collaborations and shared services

6. to advance the education of practitioners and organisations working in the field of Inter-Organisational Relations especially public sector collaborative transformation and shared services

7. to develop and promote good practice in the field of Inter-Organisational Relations especially public sector collaborations and shared services

8. to serve the professional interests of its Practitioners and Architects.

The Code of Practice

Recognised Practitioners and Architects will be expected to adhere to the code of practice set out below and evidence an annual commitment to support the development of skills and knowledge in collaborative working.

The code of practice sets a high standard. Infringement of the code could lead to recognition being reviewed by the Board of SSA and ultimately revoked.

Each Practitioner and Architect must agree to abide by the following code of conduct before being recognised:

In my collaboration and shared service practice I will:
  • Strive to offer excellence at all times
  • Disclose any personal interest which may affect my decisions
  • Safeguard and not abuse confidential information
  • Uphold lawful policies, practices and procedures that impact on collaborative transformation and shared service activity
  • Act only within my level of competence
  • Develop my personal level of competence each year
  • Seek support, if asked to act beyond my existing level of capability
  • Act reasonably and justifiably when faced with conflicts of values and ethics
In my management and leadership of others I will:
  • Support colleagues to be fully effective in the delivery of collaborative transformation and shared service activity
  • Foster a culture of openness and transparency in projects
  • Have regard for the well-being of colleagues
  • Respect diversity and equality in relationships with colleagues
  • Encourage colleagues to develop their collaborative transformation and shared service skills and knowledge through the SSA programmes, recognition and qualifications
For the organisation or partnership I work for, where it is within my power, authority or influence to do so, I will:
  • Seek to build and sustain trust within collaborative transformation and shared service projects
  • Safeguard the reputation and assets of the organisation, or partnership
  • Act in a manner which supports the organisation’s or partnership’s overall objectives
  • Apply all available remedies and procedures to address matters I perceive as improper or as falling below acceptable standards of professional practice
In the interests of customers, suppliers, business partners and other stakeholders I will:
  • Safeguard all confidential and/or proprietary information that comes into my possession
  • Establish, maintain and develop business relationships based on mutual confidence and trust
  • Neither offer nor accept gifts, hospitality or services which could create, or imply, an improper obligation
  • Refrain from entering into any agreement or undertake any activity which is unlawful or anti-competitive
  • Ensure that agreements entered into or activities undertaken are consistent with the interests of my organisation/partnership and demonstrate good management practice
As a recognised Architect or Practitioner I will:
  • Promote the mission, vision and values of both Architect and Practitioner status
  • Uphold its integrity and good standing, and refrain from conduct which detracts from its reputation
  • Promote its professional image and standing
  • Observe the standards of professional conduct and practice as set out in this Code, as they may be reviewed and reissued from time to time
  • Comply with all reasonable requests made by SSA for information to assist an investigation into a possible breach of the Code