What have we learned on the Notts FRS collaboration journey?

14 Feb 2018 Mick Sharman CTPrac Vicky Brown CTArc

Is The Commercialism Gene In The Public Sector?

6 Oct 2017 Lisa Forster CPFA, SSA

The Journey From Collaboration To Integration

6 Oct 2017 Adrian Stockbridge

What Can Collaborative Working Learn From JESIP?

6 Oct 2017 Amanda Johnson CTArc Chief Inspector Richard Melton CTPrac

Work Streams For Your Implementation plan

6 Oct 2017 Karen Cansell SS(PRAC) Belinda Cripps CTPrac

The Tower Of Babel Reprised

6 Oct 2017 Tom Alexander SSAf

Enterprise Architect Or Shared Service Architect?

4 Nov 2016 Rob Neil SSA B.Sc(Hons), M.Sc., FBCS,CITP Ceng, Csci

Shared Revenues & Benefits: The Knowns & Unknowns

1 Nov 2016 Robin Bates SS(PRAC)

Mid-Kent Improvement Partnership – Redesigning Customer Contact

15 May 2015 Andy Cole SSA Dave Lindsay SSA

Prudent Healthcare In NHS Wales Shared Services

4 May 2015 Richard Rout SS(PRAC)

Right Here – Right Now Mainstreaming Co-Production

4 Mar 2015 Colin Daysh SSA

Getting The Lawyers Involved At The Design Stage…

1 Jul 2014 Monica Blades-Chase SS(PRAC)

The Design Stage of a New Collaboration

1 Jul 2014 Anne Nikolaou SSA

Havering And Newham Councils: A Case Study In Service Design

5 Jun 2014 Stephanie Sharp SSA

Combining Different Governance Structures Into One Joint Committee

1 Jan 2014 Stephanie Sharp SSA Tony Huff SS(PRAC)

Which Is The Winner: The Tortoise Or The Hare

1 Jan 2014 Alasdair Robertson MA, AORS, SSAf

Kent Public Sector Network Governance in Practice…

1 Jan 2014 Jon Aldington

The Complications Of More Than Four Partners…

1 Mar 2013 David Williams SS(PRAC)

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