What Would Be On Your Partnership Exit Checklist?

26 Oct 2017 Sadie Lynch SSA

Public Sector Integration: Tipping Point Or Breaking Point?

1 Nov 2016 Manny Gatt CTArcf

Tool: CCom3.02 Temperature Check Everyone’s Understanding – Just In Case…

1 Oct 2016 Tim Smith SS(PRAC)

The 2016 LGA Shared Services Map Analysed

1 Oct 2016 Alasdair Robertson MA, AORS, SSAf

Guide To Public-Public Shared Service Contracts

1 Oct 2016 Dominic Macdonald-Wallace SSAf

Under New Management! Welsh Council Collaboration

1 Oct 2016 Henry Pavey CTArc

Upstream Collaboration vs Mirror Collaboration

1 Oct 2016 Robert Milford CTArc, MA, PGDip, CMgr, FCMI, CFIIA, MMS

Accelerating The NHS Transformation Strategy

1 Oct 2016 Dominic Macdonald-Wallace SSAf

Creating An In-House Shared Service Toolkit

1 Oct 2016 Jisa Prasannan CTPrac Debbie Whitton SS(PRAC)

Six Tips For Successful Change In Outsourcing

1 Oct 2016 Errol Williamson CTArc

Police And Fire Reforms 2016: Merger Is Not Inevitable

1 Oct 2016 Dominic Macdonald-Wallace SSAf

NHF Housing Merger Code What Can We Learn?

1 Oct 2016 Dominic Macdonald-Wallace SSAf

Shared Services – What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

1 Oct 2016 David Edwards CTArc

Piloting A New Collaborative Communications Workshop

1 Oct 2015 Tim Smith SS(PRAC)

Keeping Up With Combined Authorities

1 Oct 2015 Julie Johnson CTArc

The VAT Issues in Health and Social Care Integration

1 Oct 2015 Caroline White SSA

Effective Communications: The Glue of Devolution

1 Oct 2015 Dominic Macdonald-Wallace SSAf

Kotter Questions His Own Transformational Processes!

1 Oct 2015 Heather Wilson BSc (Hons), MRICS, MAPM, SSA

Keep Your Eye on The Needs of Combined Authorities

1 May 2015 Dominic Macdonald-Wallace SSAf

Communicating Your Collaborative Journey…

1 May 2015 Tim Smith SS(PRAC)

VAT Changes Sneak Under The Budget Radar

1 May 2015 Dominic Macdonald-Wallace SSAf

Emergency Services Collaboration, The Current Picture

1 May 2015 John Beckerleg SSA

Staffordshire & West Midlands Fire Control

1 May 2015 Becci Bryant SSA

The Shared Service Pyramid

1 Jul 2014 Tom Alexander SSAf

ACAS offer examples of the key 2014 changes to TUPE

1 Jul 2014 Dominic Macdonald-Wallace SSAf

Using Collaboration To Unlock Social Impact Bonds

1 Jun 2014 Peter Welsh SSA

Going to Market: Should Housing Share or Outsource?

1 Jan 2014 Dominic Macdonald-Wallace SSAf

Could community budgets save the public sector up to £20bn?

11 Apr 2013 Dominic Macdonald-Wallace SSAf

Housing Associations – are they the next generation of collaboration catalysts?

1 Apr 2013 Dominic Macdonald-Wallace SSAf

VAT cost sharing exemptions and the ‘85% directly necessary work’ test

1 Apr 2013 Dominic Macdonald-Wallace SSAf

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