Welcome to the 2019 LGA Shared Services Map – guide to registering your shared service

You are welcome to register your shared service to be shown on the 2019 Local Government Association Shared Services map, if you are an English council or fire service, or you have an English council or fire service in your partnership, shared service or collaboration. The submission deadline is 3 May 2019.

The details of your shared service or collaboration may already be entered into the 2018 LGA Shared Services Map. If so, the appropriate contact will be receiving a pre-filled questionnaire for updating.

If you are not sure if your shared service or collaboration is already registered click here to check the 2018 database.

Background to the LGA Shared Services Map

Every year the Local Government Association produces an interactive map of shared services providing a compendium of council shared service examples across England. The 2018 map can be found at http://www.local.gov.uk/shared-services-map.

The map has been very well received with high levels of coverage and usage across both local government and the wider public sector. Building on this success the LGA wants to continue to evidence how local government is leading the public sector in efficiency and innovation through sharing services and collaborative working and reinforce councils’ reputation as the most efficient part of the public sector.

To reflect this, it is important for the LGA to present clear financial savings figures showing the scale of shared services and demonstrating the efficiency savings that councils have made to date.

For 2019, special emphasis is being placed by the LGA on the financial savings made by your shared service so far. Therefore, it is very important to provide the answer to question 8.1, about the financial benefits realised to date, both cumulative and for the 2018-2019 financial year, or alternatively question 8.4, about why a financial savings figure cannot be provided.

The LGA has commissioned Shared Service Architecture to refresh the data for the map.  If you have any questions about updating or submitting new data, please email Magda.Zurba@sharedservicearchitects.co.uk, or ring 0333 939 8909.

Your choices for registering your Shared Service, or collaborative working:

1. The quickest method for adding your shared service or collaboration to the LGA Shared Services Map is to enter it online by clicking here.  The submission deadline is 3rd May 2018 . 

It will help to have the following data to hand before starting, as the system cannot store a partial entry.

  • The name of the partnership (e.g. Orbis, LGSS, OneSource or alternatively the name of a lead authority), the names of the partners and contacts for further information
  • A brief description of each shared service or collaboration, including all expected benefits eg money saved, improved customer experience, improved customer satisfaction, collection rates, recycling rates, etc.
  • The year in which the service started to deliver, or started development if not yet delivering, or was closed.
  • Which legal vehicle is it being (or will be, or was) delivered through. For example: joint committee, limited liability partnership, limited company, combined authorities, public health boards and others.
  • If available, details of the savings – both cumulative and for the 2018-2019 financial year (e.g. £475,000).
  • If a savings figure is not available then you will be asked to provide a reason why it is not available.
  • Information on whether you wish to add new partners to the arrangement.
  • The details of a contact where further information can be obtained, if required

2. However, if you need to circulate these questions across various departments to obtain the data required, you can download an MSWord version of the online questionnaire by click here. The submission deadline is 3 May 2019.

Once the questionnaire is complete, you can then enter the data on line through the link contained in the questionnaire. Alternatively you can email the questionnaire to magda.zurba@sharedservicearchitects.co.uk and we will add your entry to the map data.

3. Another alternative is that you can phone in your data entry. Please email magda.zurba@sharedservicearchitects.co.uk to arrange a time for the phone call, during weekday working hours.

4. If none of the above enable you to submit your data, then please contact Magda or Manny on 0333 939 8909 to arrange an alternative option. Shared Service Architecture are committed to the values of the Equalities Act and attempt to help in every possible way to support data submissions to the LGA Shared Services Map 2019.

Who can you ask technical questions about your data collection?

If you have any questions about updating or submitting your new data, please email magda.zurba@sharedservicearchitects.co.uk or ring Magda on 0333 939 8909.

The submission deadline is 3rd of May 2019.